You might have heard of them before - the only broker with an asset management license AS WELL AS a broker license under the FCA.

Well known for being one of the best places to trade FX, CFDs, futures and stocks, they've now brought in a new challenge...

You’ve probably seen all these funded trader and digital prop shops pop up, right?
They are effectively running a B-Book model where the subscription fees cover any payouts to successful traders (and the firm then keeps the remainder)...

Well Darwinex doesn’t do anything like that...

Instead, they allocate real capital to those who are successful, with their top fella having $35mm under management.

That’s with the traditional model of trading with Darwinex (with real cash) via their standard trading accounts.

Enter Darwinex Zero...

Darwinex Zero has designed a path to asset management that applies zero restrictions to your trading and backs you with capital as you grow, all while you build a solid track record for investors to trust.

If you are not 100% confident with your trading strategy or are hesitant to commit or lock up capital, they offer the D-Zero model.

It provides a way to get involved without the need for extensive trust or capital commitment.

You pay a monthly subscription and in exchange get access to Darwinex seed capital.

Those that prove to be consistent can also get access to third party capital via D-Zero.

If you have an existing record, you can import this to Darwinex to obtain more capital, so you don’t have to start fresh - it’s pretty much like a true prop firm.

Soon there will be Interactive Brokers connectivity too!

What’s there to lose? Either you end up having more capital to trade with, or if you’re not profitable, you don’t need to have the same risk of using your own capital!

Soooo, what's there to lose?