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What did we cover?

💥 Inflation (yes again, but it’s important)

💥 Share trading moving to Amsterdam? Does it matter?

💥 OIL OIL OIL - is its dominance vanishing and will it make people poorer?

💥 You’re going to be working from home whether you like it or not

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Some background:

Amsterdam displaces London as Europe’s top stocks centre after Brexit
Amsterdam has displaced London as Europe’s biggest share trading centre after Britain left the European Union’s single market, and picked up a chunk of UK derivatives business along the way, according to data published on Thursday.
With oil past peak, Shell sharpens 2050 zero emissions goal
Energy giant Royal Dutch Shell vowed to eliminate net carbon emissions by 2050, raising its ambition from previous targets, as its oil output declines from a 2019 peak.
Fed’s Powell, invoking war effort, calls for national jobs drive
U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, citing the country’s push after World War Two to find jobs for returning soldiers, on Wednesday called for a broad national effort to get Americans back to work after the pandemic, particularly minorities and workers ousted from...

Brain Food

There's been a load of chatter about Bitcoin's energy footprint lately and how it's the size of 'insert country here'

A more balanced perspective is always welcome, so here it is...

Nic Carter: The Last Word on Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption - CoinDesk
What people fail to consider when they criticize Bitcoin’s electricity footprint, according to our columnist.

Spoiler: It won't be the last word

Bitcoin is pushing higher again today, looking for that 50K handle...

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U.S. weekly jobless claims edge down as labor market recovery stalls
The number of Americans filing new applications for unemployment benefits inched down last week, consistent with a recent stalling in the labor market recovery.

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