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25 October 2020
1 min read

Weekly Report 25/10/20

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Good afternoon people,

We closed out our euro and Aussie dollar shorts on Monday and remained flat most of the week...

But, Davey Day Trader was in action on Thursday with a lovely cable position.

Here's this week's report...

Open positions


Closed Positions:

AUDUSD (Short)  Date: 14/10/20  Gain/Loss: +56⬆

EURUSD (Short)  Date: 15/10/20  Gain/Loss: -44⬇

GBPUSD (Short)  Date: 22/10/20  Gain/Loss: +24⬆

GBPJPY (Short)  Date: 22/10/20   Gain/Loss:    -6⬇


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