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18 October 2020
1 min read

Weekly Report 18/10/20: Back in Action

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Good afternoon people...

Last week there was no report because, well, there was nothing to report on, but we are now back in action...

And, it's been a good few days, thanks to US dollar strength and some Aussie dollar and euro weakness.

So, without further ado, here is the report…

Open Positions

AUD/USD (Short) Initial Entry Date: 14/10/20 Gain/Loss: +80⬆ (Size added 0.7077)
EUR/USD (Short) Initial Entry Date: 15/10/20 Gain/Loss: -20⬇

Closed Positions

GBP/CHF  (Long)   Date: 13/10/20  Gain/Loss: -14⬇

AUD/USD (Short)  Date: 13/10/20

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