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13 December 2020
6 min read

Week Ahead - Brexit & The Extra Mile

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Entering the last full trading week of the year...

  • Politics - Brexit & U.S. Covid Relief/Stimulus Negotiations
  • Central Banks - BOE, BOJ, FOMC, SNB, NB (& RBA Minutes)
  • December Flash PMI's
  • Retail Sales - China/U.S./U.K.
  • China/U.S. Industrial Production
  • UK & Canada Inflation Figures

Let's start (again) with Brexit - What else?

Another DEADLINE has passed.

Negotiations are ongoing, there's still no breakthrough, but the media continues to focus on disaster.

Everything in the media is looking pretty hysterical - with headlines of supermarket stockpiling and multibillion pound bailout packages to 'bolster industries

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