Macrodesiac partnered with Utrust, some people asked me why...

How it started;

Utrust have come a long way in a short time, and I have been seriously impressed.

Like all great stories, this one started on Twitter.

When I first spoke to Utrust, I was very sceptical about taking payment in crypto.

Whenever I had tried before, the time it took to settle the transaction and convert back into GBP meant that it just wasn't worth the hassle.

More specifically, the transaction value was eroded in the time it took to settle (price volatility) and high fees to convert crypto into 'old' money.

Utrust solved that problem.

I no longer have to bear the risk of those price movements, and their transaction fees are very low (less than PayPal).

They have created a genuine real world solution for businesses to receive payments in crypto.

This is not your average pie in the sky crypto project.  

So, I was already impressed...

Then they took things a step further and launched HOLD.

One of the big problems with crypto is that it's difficult to spend in everyday life.

They've gone and solved that too.

The HOLD/Visa debit card is a big step towards mainstream adoption.

The app allows you to instantly convert  between digital & fiat currencies, depending on your preference.

You can even buy everyday shopping;

We talk a lot of how crypto can come to the masses.

And let's face it - most businesses still need to receive payment in fiat (taxes, boooo)...

But they also want to open themselves up to doing business with those who hold crypto and want to use that as a payment option.

This is the bridge between two worlds; old money and new money, and I couldn't be more excited for the company's future.

Find out more here;

Utrust app - HOLD, powered by Utrust
The new Hold app, which will be entirely powered by Utrust, will effectively bridge the gap between our payment system and the brand new token features we are implementing now. The new app will be your one-stop shop for all our services.