Happy President's day!

U.S. cash markets are closed today but the party continues in futures...

Me & David had a chat on Stereo anyway...

What Did We Cover?

💥 What’s up with passive investing?

💥 Biden is an EU HATER

💥 GroupOn - do we have a discount?

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Passive Investing

So, Carson Block (of Muddy Waters Research) wrote an article for the FT, basically saying that GameStop was merely a symptom of low rates and passive ETF's...

Unfortunately Carson's piece only served to muddy the waters further (I'm here all week!)

More info on Twitter (and in the replies to this tweet)

Biden is an EU HATER

Yeah, it's a bit inflammatory...

Maybe he doesn't HATE them exactly, but Biden has certainly been disappointed by the EU and especially the uncomfortably cosy relationship with China.

Germany & France dominating the current EU picture also came up...

Analysis: The EU is facing the most serious crises in its history. Many are wondering if anyone’s in charge
Elton John and Michael Caine have released a video with the UK’s National Health Service encouraging Britons to get vaccinated for Covid-19.

Looking for more?

Biden’s Europe problem is obvious: The continent that the U.S. fought two wars to free, paid to rebuild, and has spent 75 years protecting at great, uneven, and continuing cost is now striking deals behind its back with its main strategic rival. Some ally.
Joe Biden Has a Europe Problem
The new president has a daunting list of foreign-policy challenges. Among the biggest will be managing a longtime ally.
There are two strategic calculations for Biden to consider, and both are problematic.
The first is that the driving force behind this deal was Merkel. Fundamentally, the German chancellor—and Germany generally—does not want to have to pick sides in a conflict between the U.S. and China, according to analysts I spoke with in Berlin and Washington.
The country rejects the very idea of a grouping of democracies to contain China’s rise.
It does not want a transatlantic alliance on this issue.

Just after we recorded, this came out...

‘Let’s think big’ - Germany wants to work closely with Biden on trade, China, climate
Germany wants Europe and the United States to strengthen transatlantic ties with a trade deal to abolish industrial tariffs, a WTO reform to increase pressure on China and a joint carbon-emission trading system to protect the climate.
"you can't have your cake and eat it...."

Groupon Discount

Early days on this one, but Groupon is back on our radar (we first looked at it back in 2019 when there was talk of a merger with Yelp)...

Didn't work out back then and it's currently down almost 50% YTD.

My view is that it could be a candidate for a 'reopening' trade (firms competing to offer discounts and gain new customers, leveraging Groupon's user base) that's gone under the radar so far.

In the early part of 2020 $GRPN was trading between $56.20 & $63.20. It's currently at $35.57...

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As always, this is NOT investment advice & just an idea that we will be researching in the coming days...

Utrust processed over $25 million in 2020

Yet people still doubt if crypto is here to stay...

If you're a business and want people to spend their crypto gains on your products, then join Utrust.

It makes sense.

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