I've been watching a few videos this week on YouTube while I've had some downtime.

Here's a few of the most important ones I've watched.

Watch them, get smarter, and impress your mates.

The Daily Check In: Measuring the Equity Risk Premium (Goldman)

Equity risk premium is something I discuss with the Macrodesiac guys extensively.

It explains why equities are rallying so hard, even amidst crap data and recession.

It explains the attractiveness of equities over bonds, which have traditionally been seen as a risk-free asset in terms of yield generation.

I explained it in this video for Mitto Markets a few months ago too.

Melkman on the outcomes of the Corona Virus

Love this.

Ben Melkman, of Light Sky Capital, explains how the policy outcomes of the Corona Virus aren't actually now linked to the virus.

I'd call him right.

Things have changed so quickly and to such an extent that policy makers simply cannot revert on what they have done.

I refer to this as 'the liquidity addiction', which first stemmed from monetary policy, but has now spread to fiscal policy (maybe even at the desires of central bankers who need fiscal support to boost inflation - monetary policy has been a failure in influencing the CPI measure, but not the increasing inequality that rising asset prices has caused).

Dr. Ping Jiang: One of the world's foremost macro traders

He made 193% with no leverage in 2009.

That's all.

Interview with a Quant from Two Sigma (My brother)

I thought this was a cool interview.

Especially the part about where he said that quants need to be creative.

Also good to hear about what you need to be a quant, which may be of benefit to some of you!

This guy's TikTok is hilarious


You should follow him.

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