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13 August 2021
4 min read

๐ŸŽฏ Hitting the Target ($TGT)

Earlier this week Tim shared a post in the Macrodesiac Discord from Hedge Fund manager Thomas Lee in which he suggested that:

โ€œEquities and risk assets on track for an โ€˜everything rallyโ€™ into YEโ€ (year-end)

Tim asked:

What do we think?

To which I responded:

I think risk assets go higher whilst the fed and others keep printing and pumping but I want to be discriminating about what to buy and own.
So (that means) real businesses which are growing (the) top and bottom line if poss and with decent momentum too.
The reason for that is the music will
The Veteran
The Veteran
More than 30 years in the markets.

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