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Kicking things off with this tweet πŸ‘‡


Shareholder economy/capitalism and corporate monopolies aside, there's some truth in there.

We saw the same kind of arguments surrounding the Brexit debate πŸ‘‡

Metro Opinion

And this 'EU referendum reality check' published 6 weeks before the vote πŸ‘‡

Are EU migrants really taking British jobs and pushing down wages?
There are now a record 2.1 million EU workers in Britain. But more British nationals are in work too – as one analyst says, this is not a zero-sum game

Need a sh*tty, low paid job doing?

Get the 'forrins' in. They WANT the work AND they'll do it cheaper...

It continues to amaze me that people still believe the Brexit vote (and the Trump vote) were driven by racism.

Look deeper.

Racism is not the issue.

(No, I'm not saying racism isn't an issue before anyone starts)

Low-wages are part of it πŸ‘‡

2018 Social Security Data

  • 46.5% earn less than $30k
  • 67.5% earn less than $50k

It's a similar story in the U.K. as this graphic from 2016 shows

Low-earning leavers vs high-earning remainers 

It's not just about wages.

Those figures would need to be adjusted for cost of living, house prices etc.

More than anything else I think one immeasurable factor is at the core.


If a person is working towards something, they will make a sacrifice in the present so that they can benefit in the future, right?

For many in lower income jobs, that hope is diminished.

Things might not be getting worse, but they're not getting better either...

Yet for those aspiring Aristocrats mentioned in the original tweet, that isn't the case.

They're climbing the ladder.

Whether it's the income or status ladder (or both), their aspiration lives on.

It's all about feeling that things will get better

Now, back to those unemployment benefits that sparked the tweet.

They're ending.

In some states support is being withdrawn imminently πŸ‘‡

3.7 million Americans set to lose unemployment benefits early as 25 states exit federal programs
Half of U.S. states, all led by Republican governors, have announced an early end to federal unemployment programs.

And the nationwide cutoff is September 6th.

A load of people will be poorer when they go back to work... πŸ‘‡

Opinion | Americans Don’t Want to Return to Low Wage Jobs
There’s no true β€œlabor shortage.” Just bad jobs.

There is no 'quick fix' for this, and those predicting a roraing '20s based on consumer spending are sure to be disappointed...

More memestonks & YOLO's await.

Introducing... Mr Yolo Beeches
Move over Mrs Watanabe, Yolo’s taking over your empire...Nailed the Lloyds call - big earnings beat, where next?

TheΒ Psychology of Inequality
Researchers find that much of the damage done by being poor comes from feeling poor.

Just buy Bitcoin, bruh, it's broken out of that triangle πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

πŸŸ₯ Zooooom out bro

That $42k area looks key. I'm expecting it to be strong resistance once price gets back up there, especially as we move closer to the Fed taper...

Have an awesome day