The end of 2020 has been a bit of a crazy one for crypto, hasn't it?

Starting with Michael Saylor's announcement of the senior convertible note offering, to B2C2 being acquired by SoftBank's SBI unit and Coinbase submitting an application to IPO...

It's been eventful to say the least.

Speaking of IPOs, the firm I'll talk to you about today was the first crypto exchange to be listed in the United States. Back in October 2020 Diginex was listed to the Nasdaq.

Diginex (Equos) ($EQOS) is a pretty new exchange but packs a hefty punch.

The Executive Committee are all Investment Bank alumni or from broking backgrounds with hugely impressive CVs (the CEO, Richard Byworth was the youngest MD in Nomura's history for example).

Here's a primer on their offering...

EQUOS has been designed to improve a lot of the capital efficiency issues and institutional gaps present in the crypto industry. With a focus on product innovation, EQUOS is rolling out Segregation of Duties and a range of other improved products. EQUOS has been built with a focus on regulatory compliance operating out of Singapore under an exemption granted under the PSA (Payment Services Act) from MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore).

Regulation may be a frustration, but as we have recently seen from the example of BitMex, crypto is coming under more scrutiny, so it's good to see that there is some leaning towards balancing the desire to retain the elements of crypto that make it great with the security of funds providing a stable and confident ecosystem.

Originally built for institutions, they have also opened up to providing the same stability and security to individuals.

EQUOS is a digital asset exchange built to institutional standards & available to everyone.

Founded on the real-world values of fairness and equality to promote liquidity and help build long-term equity.
Built with the highest-grade security and transparency principles to meet regulatory standards while paving the way for participation.

Currently, EQUOS offers a spot product for crypto investing, and with perpetuals, dated futures, and options coming soon, it will provide a rich trading experience that is unsurpassed by any other exchange.

Diginex’s Exchange division also includes the Diginex Access trading system, which allows investors in multiple exchanges to execute algorithmic trading strategies through a single, unified interface.

By providing a fair, compliant, trustworthy marketplace, featuring a suite of innovative product, Diginex hopes to drive crypto adoption across the world, building the bridge between traditional finance and digital assets.

What's there to lose?

If you're a crypto trader, give them a go!