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Every day it's something new.

Bullshit stacked on top of bullshit, amplified by more bullshit, with bullshit sprinkles on top.

How is anyone supposed to figure out what's going on in the world?!

Take the energy debate for example

While different groups are so wrapped up in which is the most ideal form of energy to ensure our future needs are met, few focus on the fact that our energy needs will continue to increase and we'll probably need ALL OF THEM.

Once we're spoilt for choice with a massive abundance of energy solutions, that's when we have the luxury of picking winners.

There's the 'climate change' bandwagon too.

"This is happening because of climate change"

Really? How does @dave89837 know that for sure?

Historical models, projections...? Even so, are there actually more extreme weather events now than there were in the past?

Maybe we're changing how we record/report them and this is affecting our perception...

I still remember presentations in school about the 'hole in the ozone layer' and the existential threat it posed.

Words to the effect of:

"If it gets larger it will be the end of life as we know it"

By the time they were lecturing us about this, the UN Montreal Protocol was already signed.

Wish I'd known that at the time.

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I did learn something from the experience though.

Activists usually don't understand the things they're activisting about.

They're basically shit influencers.

Instead of getting paid to promote stuff, they cost everyone else time/money AND distract from actual solutions for actual problems.

Yes, I'm looking at you Insulate Britain.

Incompetent adults having toddler tantrums to make their surrogate parents (the government) do what they want... Well, it's just not a good strategy for fixing anything...

πŸ’‘ No-one can legitimately claim we live in an intolerant society when not a single one of those protestors has been seriously harmed.

If only there was a way to segregate this section of society into safe spaces...

Wait. I'm told that segregation hasn't worked out so well before.

Back to the drawing board...

Meanwhile, Post-Brexitβ„’ Britain is still derided at every possible moment, despite evidence that the government are getting on with things and at least having a crack at becoming Global Britainβ„’ Β πŸ‘‡


This kind of GOTCHA! media coverage is soooo painful and consistently misses the point. Why do journalists do it?

For attention: the true reserve currency of our era

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From that very same article πŸ‘‡

Ministers in London are hopeful to conclude negotiations to join CPTPP by the end of 2022. Liz Truss, foreign secretary, told the Financial Times that the group could also be a stepping stone to improving trade relations with the US, a long-term ambition of the Johnson government.
Sam Lowe, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, said the deal should be judged on its strategic aims. β€œThe benefits of this deal are less about the economics, which are negligible and more about the signal it sends about the UK’s intentions in the region, and as a stepping stone towards a big push for CPTPP accession next year.”

A bit different to 'it only matters 0.01% either way'.

And the very same newspaper said this today...

One of the big surprises of Brexit was how few jobs moved from the City to the EU, with Financial Times research showing only a minimal reduction of London bank jobs in recent years against predictions that tens of thousands of jobs would have to relocate.

This really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone at the FINANCIAL TIMES OF LONDON...

Outside of the bubble... πŸ‘‡

Moving swiftly on, guess who said this πŸ‘‡

β€œWe live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American President has been silenced. This is unacceptable,"

Yep, The Donald is back and he's launching a new social media app called TRUTH...

Truth Social

That design looks familiar...

History suggests it'll probably fail before Twitter even manage to sue.

Right, onto the point of this rant (finally!)

99% of this stuff simply doesn't matter...

Always remember the bell curve πŸ‘‡

Average is boring, so you won't hear about it.

In reality, it's the 2.2% extremes that get noticed, not the 95.4%... πŸ‘‡

So.... what should we do about this?

Well, that's something I'm working on right now.

I wrote about an 'information diet' a couple of years ago, but I want to take it further.

I liked the 'Attention Diet' better as a title. Unfortunately Mark Manson beat me to it... πŸ‘‡

The Attention Diet
Distractions have become so pervasive in the digital age that we’ve come to accept them as normal. Here’s how we can escape their grip and free our minds a little.

Definitely recommended reading:

  • Junk information is information that is unreliable, unhelpful, or unimportant (i.e., it affects few to no people in any significant way). Junk information is short-form, flashy, and emotionally charged, encouraging addictive consumption patterns.
  • Nutritious information is information that is reliable, helpful, and likely important (i.e., it affects you and others in significant ways). Nutritious information is long-form, analytical, and encourages deep engagement and extended thought.
  • Junk relationships are people/groups who you have little face-to-face contact with and/or little mutual trust, who bring out your insecurities and consistently make you feel worse about yourself or the world.
  • Nutritious connections are people/groups who you have frequent face-to-face contact with and/or a lot of mutual trust who make you feel better and help you grow.

I've come to believe that it's not just about going on a 'diet'.

It's also about filtering information, building it into frameworks of knowledge, adaptive models of how the world usually works, synthesising it all to generate more accurate visualisations of objective 'truth' (and what might happen in the future). Β 

That's all coming soon.

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