We've been banging on about nuclear power for ages.

Sooooo pleased to see this today πŸ‘‡

Have to take a quick victory lap on the Rolls Royce piece from last year too...πŸ‘‡

Rolls Royce - Going Bust or Going Nuclear?
Rolls Royce have some well-documented problems. They also have small modular reactors, plus expertise in power generation and innovation...What comes next?

We'll come to the metaverse in a minute. This needs explaining first...

Why are we so bullish on nuclear?

Every serious energy analyst acknowledges that global climate ambitions will require a LOT more energy than we currently use.

Simply replacing current energy needs with clean energy will not be enough.

We need MOAR

Which is why nuclear HAS to play a part (unless something else miraculously develops) πŸ‘‡

Sooner or later, we’re going nuclear
Nuclear fusion is now more of an engineering + business problem than a science problem Emerging Markets vulnerable? What’s SNAPening?

I have a theory that a lot of people think only in black and white.

Things are either good or bad.

Replace good thing with bad thing. PROBLEM SOLVED!

The energy 'problem' is no different.

A thousand simple solutions are offered... πŸ‘‡

Why don't people just consume less? Then we could save energy, and the planet too!

There's a problem...

People generally aren't happy for their own lives to get worse.

EVERYONE ELSE can make sacrifices, they're the ones with the money, the houses, doing the travelling etc.

It can be justified (to ourselves) in a thousand ways, but actions speak louder than words... πŸ‘‡

Few willing to change lifestyle to save the planet, climate survey finds
Exclusive: poll of 10 countries including US, UK, France and Germany finds people prioritising measures that are already habits

He's wrong about a lot, but not the hypocrisy

The only way to achieve lasting change is for people to feel like things are getting better.

I'll rephrase...

If things are improving without people having to make any real sacrifice, that change lasts and we call it social progress...

I mean, we live in a world where people are unhappy about changing from plastic to paper straws...

Imagine trying to get getting people to eat bugs instead of beef and thinking it'll work... πŸ˜‚

And why all the focus on energy anyway?
What about the plastic in the ocean?? The deforestation of the Amazon?
Aren't those things MORE important?

They're ALL important.

So, we tried to fix the plastic straw problem by changing to paper straws.

Figuratively, we're now saving the oceans at the expense of the rainforests.

Not exactly progress. Just shuffling the problem around the planet.

We can extend the debate from plastic/paper straws to ALL packaging.

Straws are a bad example actually. They do have some utility.

Excess packaging would be a great place to start.

Stuff like this:

Some packaging will always be necessary, but a lot is just for show and marketing.

And this is where the metaverse comes in...

(Metaverse: A hypothesized iteration of the internet, supporting persistent online 3-D virtual environments through conventional personal computing, as well as virtual and augmented reality headsets) Wiki

Take a look at this short concept clip of Augmented Reality using Adobe Aero. πŸ‘‡

Is it such a stretch to imagine a world where the 'unnecessary' packaging goes digital?

That packaging could become digital/holographic/projected/only seen through Google Glasses or any other number of methods...

Think how much packaging waste could be saved.

What do companies get out of it?

Well, lower packaging costs is a big plus, but probably not the dealbreaker...

They could also update their digital 'packaging' instantaneously, or even tailor it to each customer profile.

THAT would definitely appeal.

What does the customer get?

An enhanced experience, perhaps the potential to shop from the comfort of their own home.

Not like Amazon.

Proper online shopping.

Take something like that Adobe Aero clip and combine it with this πŸ‘‡


Now, I know this is all a bit pie in the sky and I fully admit it might not work exactly like this...

The point I really wanted to make is that the metaverse shouldn't just be dismissed as a gimmick for gamers.

The digital and physical world will increasingly cross over and anything physical that is only used for visuals or aesthetics is at risk of digital replacement...

Will there be enough internet capacity for all of this?

Well, 5G is already rolling out, fibreoptic coverage is increasing around the world too...

In the Battle of The Billionaires, Musk's starlink already has 1791 satellites circling the earth.

Bezos wants to send a load more...

Amazon seeks U.S. approval to deploy 4,500 additional satellites for internet project
Amazon.com is seeking approval from U.S. communications regulators to deploy more than 4,500 additional satellites as part of the company’s effort to deliver broadband internet to areas around the world that lack high-speed service.

What's the takeaway?

Energy and connectivity in abundance allows the world to solve more problems.

As our interactions with the world around us become more digital, we'll be able to plug ourselves inand out of the matrix at will.

And we'll probably love it.

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