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Post-Brexit Britain...

Full disclosure. In 2016 I was a 'remain and reform' advocate.

However, after the vote came in, I spoke to friends and acquaintances who had voted leave. These people were not the braindead racist idiots I was told to blame.

I realised there was something amiss so I began to research the EU, came to understand how it worked and agree with the decision.

However, one thing I could never get my head round was how the Brexit story focused on what people didn't want (anymore), rather than what Britain would become in the future (aside from poorly-defined campaign slogans such as Global Britain)

Now, we are starting to see New Britain emerge from the Brexit ashes.

Needless to say, it hasn't been the disaster many warned of.

Last week, Nissan announced plans for a new electric vehicle battery plant in Sunderland, part of a £1 billion partnership with Sunderland City Council 👇👇

Plans submitted for new £450 million gigafactory in Sunderland | MTDMFG
Envision AESC has submitted plans for a new £450m electric vehicle battery manufacturing plant in Sunderland. Lat month, Envision AESC and Nissan unveiled plans to create thousands of new jobs in the region, through production of a new model electric vehicle and the creation of a new battery gigafac…

The plans will create 750 jobs and safeguard 300 more from an existing plant, with projections that a further £1.8 billion investment will be generated and lead to 4500 new jobs throughout the supply chain.

We've come a long way since 2019 Sunderland 'no deal' fears... 👇👇👇

Sunderland set to be one of worst areas for job losses after a no-deal Brexit, leaked government report reveals
Sunderland would be one of the hardest hit areas in the country for job losses after a No-deal Brexit, says a leaked Government report.

“Sunderland is one of the top three plants in the world for competitiveness for Nissan,”  
“Brexit gives us the competitive advantage in the UK and outside.”
- Nissan COO Gupta January 2021

Manufacturing investment doesn't often make the headlines, but it IS happening

Bakkavor caught my eye. We were looking at them as a potential 'No Deal Brexit' short candidate back in September 2019.

As a large food importer, they would have been massively affected by any trade uncertainty.

As it turned out, the pandemic did what Brexit couldn't and sent their share price tumbling...

Spot the pandemic

They've since made a decent recovery and are recruiting again...

I've given up searching for any official vision for Post-Brexit Britain.

Simply, the UK already had many competitive advantages (which it has managed to maintain), and the renewed focus on research, innovation and risk-taking are set to be big drivers of future growth too...

Many talked about Brexit in divorce terms.

To extend that, the UK has shaken off the negative ex, got down the gym and is ready to get back into the world with renewed ambition.  

Further reading on UK innovation 👇👇

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The wrong kind of diversity?

Sticking with the EU, I came across this article today... 👇👇👇

Hungary, Poland and the EU’s ‘diversity’ problem | The Spectator
For 20 years the EU’s slogan has been ‘Unity in diversity’. But can the bloc cope with Hungary and Poland becoming illiberal democracies?

This issue brilliantly captures the problem at the heart of the EU...

‘If we want to keep the European Union together, liberals must respect the rights of non-liberals. Unity in diversity.’

The dichotomy is obvious.

With too much diversity there can be no unity, and that's exactly what the EU faces with Hungary & Poland.

Appointees in Brussels find themselves in a position where they are ideologically opposed to decisions made by democratically elected governments in its member states.
And the contempt among the people in those states for what they see as western meddling will only grow further.

Even within the 'Western' member states, the introduction of the Euro has resulted in some very unequal outcomes.

Germany is benefitting while others are not...



Now, the collapse of the EU has been imminent ever since the financial crisis.

The conditions are always in place, it just needs the right spark.

Many have focused on the pressures from the Southern nations and the rise of populism. We tend to think it will hold until it stops working for the current beneficiaries...

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