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Everyone wants to talk about it - the hedge fund blow up, big losses for Credit Suisse ($4bn?) & Nomura, while Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley got out first...

All of this started Friday - here's an excellent journal of events as they unfolded πŸ‘‡


Time to move on? The market appears to have digested the news and index futures have recovered a good chunk of the early losses. No green on the screen yet...

By the time a market move is in the news and everyone has published their hot take, it's usually over... πŸ‘€ #marketwisdom

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πŸ”₯ Hot and 🚫 Not

πŸ”₯ Jungle is massive

This one comes from the Market Veteran in the Macrodesiac discord Β 

Jungle, a French vertical farming company that says it can produce ten to 30 times more food than traditional greenhouses, has raised €42m in new funding...

The vertical farming industry was worth $2.2bn in 2018 but is expected to reach $12.8bn by 2026.

The problem for these projects has always been the elusive bottom-line, they just can't make a profit...

Cofounder Gilles Dreyfus:

β€œIf the price is higher, you’re dead”
β€œPrice depends on scale and we’re not aiming for small-scale farms, we’re aiming for less farms but a lot bigger. If you activate the economies of scale you can get a very reasonable product,”

The company’s aiming to sell food at 5% more than the cost of conventional alternatives, but at 20% less than organic foods grown on farms.

There are a huge number of benefits to be found in vertical farms; no pesticides, lower transport costs, more harvests - it really is an industry with a huge amount of potential.

If building bigger is the solution to profitability, traditional farms are in for a rough ride...

🚫 Credit Suisse & Nomura...

I mean, who else could it be? 😬

Suez Saga continues

Lots of excitement earlier that the Ever Given had been refloated and moved 80% back into position...

Then along came the wind and blew it back across the channel, delaying the next tugging attempts (stop it) to fully dislodge the stranded vessel...

All sounds like it won't be long.

UPDATE: it's freeeeeee!

Oil trades lower on the headline...

Speaking of positive...

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