Trump/The FDA announced easier access to Plasma treatment.

It's nothing ground breaking, but is "proven to cut mortality by 35%, and has been enough to keep risk supported overnight.

at 06.55BST

ASX (+0.3%)
Nikkei (0.26%)
KOSPI (+0.6%)
Hang Seng (+1.6%)

Disappointingly, Chinext Tech index is only up 2% so far today.

The new 20% trading limit is now in effect.

Overall, it's looking like a risk on start to the week.

Headline-watching in order as there is no data flow at all today.

IG's opening calls:

New Zealand's Q2 retail sales were terrible, but slightly better than expected.

In other news;

Leaders are getting ill.

Japanese PM Abe is getting treatment for a chronic illness

This one shouldn't surprise anyone.

There have been strong suspicions that he was dead/dying since earlier in the year.
His sister seems nice anyway. Here's a picture of her at his bedside.