Options are an area I 'get' to an extent, but never actually traded myself, so this was a great learning experience to solidify some concepts.

Rather than hitting random buttons on Robinhood (or insert other retail options brokers here), give the below a watch and see what you can gain from it.

Which will naturally be a lot since I never have anyone on who doesn't know what they're on about!

Just a bit of insight, Jamie was one of the first to join Macrodesiac back in January 2019 and adds a hell of a lot to the community.

Give a full hour up to listen to what he has to say.

This happened pretty ad-hoc in the Discord which you can see at the start of the video.

There is so much information to be gained there, but it's only open to Premium members.

So until tomorrow evening, the price of a lifetime subscription will be at £290.

This will be the last time that it is this low, since we have gotten a strong and knowledgeable base of people over the last few months.

Join us now by subscribing for the yearly, and I'll automatically upgrade you to lifetime 👇

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