04/04/2020 – You want some stuff to read on risk management?

I think we need a bit of a distraction, but a distraction that’s extremely important in the current context.

I’ve displayed how I manage trades and risk (you can find the relevant steps in the Macrodesiac Discord under risk management, and also in the introductory email sent out when you joined)…

But I want to get you guys thinking about other ways in which you can build a good trade & risk management process.

I’m going to fire 12 articles, PDFs and papers at you to have a blast through in good time.

They’re pretty damn important and hopefully you learn something from em.

Here we go.

  1. Bet Sizing Article by Ed Seykota and David Druz
  2. Gibbons Burke Article on Money Management (PDF)
  3. Seykota Risk Management Resource
  4. Kelly Formula and Data Transmission
  5. White Paper by Johan Ginyard (PDF)
  6. Johan Ginyard Position Sizing Interview
  7. Frequency v. Magnitude White Paper
  8. Web Resource for Math, Black Jack, Kelly, etc.
  9. Edward O. Thorp: Beat the Dealer (PDF)
  10. Kelly’s Original paper, March 21, 1956 (PDF)
  11. The Sharpe Ratio
  12. Tutorial Risk-adjusted Return

I’ll add these to the Discord as well, but take a read through them all and send me back your thoughts.

I’m crap with maths so I interpret some of the concepts in a more discretionary way which works for me…

But some of you geniuses are likely to get a better grasp of them than me – so perhaps you can teach me something.

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