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If you are expecting just signals, you’ve come to the wrong place.
If you are looking to improve your trading and market knowledge then take a seat.
Our ethos is to make economics informal, accessible and actionable to help you develop clarity and independence.
Build your understanding, absorb the information. Learn by osmosis.
Trade ideas are provided to bridge the gap between economic theory and economic reality.
Join the community via the Discord channel and benefit from 3-5 long form investment notes per week (also sent to your email inbox), constant updates through your trading day, commentary from market veterans and much more…
Macrodesiac – Informal, Accessible, Actionable Economics.



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Macrodesiac is a community and trading tool to help cut through the noise and provide you with the important stuff going on in markets and economics. If you are expecting signals, though, don’t bother. This is a learning vehicle where trades ideas are indeed provided, but the main ethos is to make economics informal, accessible and actionable and to learn via osmosis.


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Macrodesiac is an educational tool and nothing is to be considered investment advice. Capital is at risk from trading and investing. No tax advice will be provided. Macrodesiac is not responsible for any profits or losses incurred from the education provided.